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This is the spot to be for all your Oregon Duck shirt needs. I mean, you don’t want to be showing up shirtless on game day, do ya? And since you’re going to be busy drinking that brewski down or possibly taking a keg stand, it’ll be difficult to tell the other team how badly they suck – so why not let your shirt do it for you? Go Ducks!

Oregon Is Coming height=The only Cougar I like is your mom. height=The Duck Abides height=Orange You Glad You're Not a Beaver? height=Huck the Fuskies height=Worst Mascot Ever height=FUCLA height=Even Jesus Hates the Beavers height=Dam the Beavers! height=Wax the Beavers! height=Ted Bundy was a Husky height=Even Jesus Hates the Huskies height=O.J. was a Trojan height=California Math Professor height=Join the Duck Side height=